Area Size
Stone Width in Feet Length in Feet Square yards Depth of stone -inches Weight of StoneCompacted* Weight of StoneLoose** Estimated CompactedTotal Tons Estimated LooseTotal Tons  
DGA -- 115 100 0 00 Calculate
#2 -- 93 74 0 00
#57 -- 98 91 0 00
This calculator uses state spec weights per a 1” thick square yard of rock to estimate the tonnage of crushed stone needed for your project.
Simply add the length and width in feet, then the depth in inches of your project. Then press “Calculate”.
The calculator will produce two answers. The first is the compacted weight, use this if the stone will be packed down tightly. The second is for loose stone, meaning a project where the rock is dumped and maybe spread or leveled off, but not compacted.
If you don’t see the particular product you will be using for your job, this calculator can still help you. Simply select the product on the calculator that is closest in size and characteristics to what you plan to use and adjust number slightly up if you stone size is a bit smaller, and adjust it down slightly if your stone size is larger.
Remember, these are simply estimates. At Haydon Materials, we will not restrict your job to estimated ton amounts unless previously agreed upon.
If you have any questions or to place an order, please call our nearest quarry.
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