In 1952, Albert Haydon bought a share of Sam Nally Shop which was an equipment repair, metal fabrication and supply shop for several quarries and construction companies owned and operated by Sam Nally. Later, in 1957, Albert became a partner in 2 quarries owned by Mr. Nally.  In 1970, Albert bought more interest in the quarries and changed the name of the company to Nally & Haydon. In subsequent years, Albert bought all of the Sam Nally stock to become sole owner of Nally & Haydon.

Also in 1970, due to stricter regulations concerning storage of explosives passed down from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, an explosive company asked Albert to design and build a storage magazine that they could provide to their customers throughout the eastern United States.  Soon, due to the quality of the magazine, orders started coming in from coal mining operations and from other suppliers of explosives.  In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the U.S. military became the dominant customer for the magazines and the name was changed to Armag Corporation which was derived from merging the words “armor” and “magazine”.  

In 1986 Nally & Haydon purchased an asphalt plant in Springfield and shortly thereafter purchased an asphalt plant in Greensburg along with a quarry & asphalt business in Lebanon.  Since that time, quarries have been acquired in Greensburg, Campbellsville, and Springfield.  Quarries owned in Pineville, Cumberland, Harlan, along with a block plant in Harlan were sold to Rinker Materials in 2006.  In 2009, a quarry in Bardstown owned by Cemex was purchased and is now operated as Haydon Materials.  In July 2013, Haydon acquired a quarry owned by Cemex on the Ohio River in Meade County, KY that supplies Mill Feed to Cemex’s Kosmosdale cement plant The Battletown quarry provides crushed limestone stone to the local area, and extends its reach by moving stone via the river into various markets.

Albert Haydon passed away in 2008 and currently 4 of his sons continue to run the business.