Haydon Materials Bardstown, LLC

Our Bardstown, KY operation is also where we make our home.  We have closed the old Bardstown quarry that sevrved the community for decades, and moved to a new quarry that will serve the area for many more! Our Bardstown plant is one of 13 quarries in the state whose stone has been approved for use in non-polishing bituminous asphalt mixes. These mixes are used in high volume traffic areas and the characteristics of the stone are such that it does not wear in a manner that will polish as it ages and it creates more friction between the tires of the vehicle and the pavement which reduces stopping distances.  We also produce products here that are used on a daily basis for all construction and homeowner needs.  


Airport Road Bardstown Quarry

575 Airport Rd.

Bardstown, KY 40004 

(502) 348-9533

NOTE: East John Rowan or KY 245 Location is Permanently Closed. We are proud to continue to serve Bardstown and the surrounding communities from our new location now and for many years to come!

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